Drupal Core Sprint

With DrupalSouth just around the corner, we decided to organise a core sprint. It's public to anyone who wants to come along. The sprint will be held at our office in Perth. Suite 5, 136 Railway Street, Claremont.

We'll be working on Drupal 8 core patches with a focus on the new Migrate initiative. chx will be standing by on IRC to hand out issues and help with any questions or problems.

What to bring

  • Laptop with a Drupal environment
  • Yourself

What will be provided

  • Wireless Internet
  • Beer
  • Pizza

Author Info

Ben Dougherty

In his free time Ben can be found lurking in the Drupal issue queues, chatting in #drupal-contribute and listening to Oasis. He is known for his superhuman debugging abilities and occasionally enjoys a beer or two.