govCMS: What Drupal developers can look forward to in 2015

At Code Drop we are looking forward to leveraging all of the incredible effort which has gone into the govCMS ecosystem and all which as gone into making Drupal the choice for Government organisations. Developers who work with or are hoping to work with the platform have a lot of stuff to look forward to in 2015.

Planned Features

While govCMS is the name for the overarching project to bring Drupal into government using turnkey solutions, it is powered by the Drupal distribution aGov. Part of the recent work that has gone into the platform is a planned set of features for a new version of aGov (7.x-3.x). These planned features have been posted on and do represent a really positive evolution in the profile, a quick summary of which can be found below.

A Modern Base Theme & Generated Styleguides

Although technology moves fast, it seems that front-end development has been moving at the speed of light recently. The Zen theme and generated styleguides are being lead by senior front-end developer John Albin. This is an exciting evolution that promises to enhance front-end development workflows for developers using govCMS.

Better Markup Validation

Better markup validation will assist users of the govCMS platform in meeting compliance needs. The move has hopefully been made to allow validation without calling out to an external web services. This should allow faster and local validation of markup.

Default Configuration

Features maintains and enforces a specific state of configuration. This isn’t ideal for install profiles because configuration is often the spring-board for further work. By moving to a solution which provides default configuration, it will prevent changes to the config from causing an "overridden" state in the feature modules.

More Granular Projects

By moving custom modules into their own projects, separate from the install profile I'm hoping developers will have the option to reuse useful components from aGov which have broader use cases beyond government. As a developer, code reuse is always an exciting prospect.

Paragraphs Based Landing Pages

The "paragraphs" module can be seen as field_collection with bundles. This allows content admins to easily create chunks of content with pre-defined fielded bundles. This will change the way custom layouts are built and populated with content and will hopefully improve the content authoring experience.

Community Talks

Edge of the Web

Edge of the Web is a conference held across Australia (and streamed online). Christopher Harrop from Acquia will be presenting on the govCMS platform. The talk will be focused on "What is govCMS trying to achieve and how will it work?".

Canberra (and online)
March 26th, 2015

Drupal South

Adam Malone from Acquia will be presenting at Drupal South focusing on "the process taken by Acquia in conjunction with the Department of Finance to make govCMS a success".

3rd March, 2015

Birds of a Feather

The Drupal South wiki has a proposed session for "The aGov 3 Roadmap (govCMS, Drupal in government etc)".

Hands on Training

PreviousNext will be running a training day for people who want to learn about using govCMS which is free for Drupal South attendees.

4th March, 2015

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Sam is a passionate developer and Star Trek fan who loves tinkering with all things web. He maintains several Drupal modules and has way too many Github repos.

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