Introducing Drupal Commerce Barcode Scanner

We work a lot with e-commerce websites, but we also take an active role in the logistical side of e-commerce businesses. One of the big questions that is raised while planning for an e-commerce launch is, how we can streamline the workflows of our clients.

To solve a number of different logistical issues, especially for stores with large catalogues, Code Drop are proud to announce Commerce Barcode Scanner. We have built this module to integrate a standard barcode scanner with Drupal Commerce, the powerful e-commerce system built on top of Drupal. Our goal was simple, to marry the digital and physical world in the context of e-commerce administration.

Common Use Cases

One of the most powerful use cases of the module is being able to scan a product and be taken directly to the products edit screen. This allows you to quickly take a product off a shelf or out of a warehouse and update its stock levels or attributes, without digging through a report or product list.

Another feature is being able to be taken directly to the product display, to be able to update the media and content attached to a product. This may be useful if for example you have taken some new photos of a product. Simply scan the products barcode and upload the new photo.

Rules Integration

You can skip ahead if you’re not keen on how it works under the hood.

Much like a lot of Commerce, the module integrates directly with Rules. This allows developers to create any reaction or condition that is triggered when someone scans a barcode.

The module loads the Drupal product and product display for use within the rule. This allows you to do any rule actions that relate to either nodes or commerce_products. This opens up a lot of possibilities and extensibility when it come to reconciling an e-commerce store with the real world.

A simple barcode scanner is definitely something we are going to recommend to all our clients who are tasked with maintaining an online e-commerce product catalogue and we would definitely encourage you to do the same.

For further information about our e-commerce offering, you can contact us today.

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Sam Becker

Sam is a passionate developer and Star Trek fan who loves tinkering with all things web. He maintains several Drupal modules and has way too many Github repos.

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