Drupal in Government

We are a Perth based agency who provide website design services to Government organisations, leveraging Drupal, aGov and govCMS.

Why Should Government Adopt Drupal?

Secure and Stable
Drupal is secure and stable, websites have a long support release cycles.
Cost Effective
By leveraging the wide range of community supported Drupal modules.
Wide Support
There are lots of agencies across Australia who support and work with Drupal.
Active Community
Drupal provides significant value through it's active community of contributors.

Government Friendly Features

Keep track of which stakeholders are updating content, revert and publish pages as content is ready.
Drupal's reputation for security and stability ensure your platform is secure and readily available.
Give different members of your organisation different levels of access and ability with Drupal's roles.
Document Management
Drupal's document management is well suited to typical government requirements and provide residents with easy access.
Accessibility is an important aspect of Government websites to ensure content is readily available for all users.
Ensure users have access to the information they need on demand with comprehensive search capabilities.

aGov Key Features: Australia's GovCMS

aGov is a suite of tools designed to enhance Drupal for Government projects. It is packaged with lots of useful functionality to streamline the process of bringing a new government website online.

Rich content editing

Allow users to use rich formatting concepts such as embedded media, font styles and paste from word with the built in WYSIWYG editor.

Media Management

Browse all of the assets upload to a website easily through a file browser interface. Use this media anywhere on your website.

Taxonomy & Tagging

Easily categorise and tag content so it is easily to find across your website with a searchable tagging widget.

WCAG Compliant

The out of the box elements packaged with aGov are WCAG compliant, streamlining the compliance processes.

Departments Using Drupal

WA Amalgamations

Many local council amalgamations are currently taking place in Western Australia. The communications challeneges faced by these new councils will require stable and easy to use Content Management Systems to help them effectively meet the requirements of their residents.

Web platforms such as Drupal can be adapted into council workflows to help optimise and enhance the communication process and provide faster access to council resources.

Case Study: Life in the Park

On 30 May the Town of Victoria Park launched what is believed to be the longest continuous point-to-point stretch of free public WiFi in Australia. The free WiFi launch was accompanied by the Town's new mobile website lifeinthepark.com.au which is designed as an economic development tool to help promote local businesses as well as to create a user-friendly access point of information for things to do within the Town.

Code Drop worked with the Town of Victoria park to deliver the web project, providing Drupal design and development services.

"Code Drop helped us build an attractive information portal for our local residents."
Lucy Dempster
Digital Marketing Coordinator
"The Life in the Park project was a great opportunity to provide a polished mobile experience for residents."
Sam Becker
Drupal Developer

Drupal is Evolving

Government agencies should be aware that Drupal is an evolving platform. You should consult a Drupal proffessional to get the facts on the best options for your new and existing Drupal websites and what new versions of Drupal mean for you.

Drupal 6 is reaching end of life. If you are currently running Drupal 6 you will need to consider your upgrade options soon.
Drupal 7 is the current stable and supported version. Drupal 7 still has many years of support and is a good choice of websites today.
Version 8 is a yet to be released version of Drupal. It brings many new features and enhancements to the table, but is still a long way from stable.