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We're one of Australia's key Open Source contributors to Drupal

Community Involvement

Code Drop are actively involved in the Drupal community. We write patches, build contributed modules and sponsor work on Drupal core and the Drupal 8 Migrate API.

Outside coding we have contributed to Drupal's documentation and regularly attend local meet-ups and hackathons. We recently organised the first core sprint in Perth, working primarily on the Migrate API.

We have recently sponsored the largest Drupal event in Australia, Drupal South.

Drupal Contributions

We actively maintain a number of modules including:

Reference Table Formatter

Reference Table Formatter allows you to render a table of fields on the target entity of a variety of different reference field types.

Entity Print

This module allows any entity to be exported as a PDF using the wkhtmltopdf library using a custom HTML template.

Views Blocksit

Views Blocksit style plugin. Create dynamic grid layouts using the Blocksit JS jQuery plugin and Views.

Image Style Quality

This module allows you to specify a custom quality on different image styles you create. After installing and enabling this module, you will have the option to add a new effect to your image styles, enabling you to change the quality.

Commerce Pin

Pin is an all-in-one hosted payment gateway for Australian businesses. Pin is unique in the fact that it doesn't require any merchant account to be setup with a banking institution.

Random Weight

This module works along side the Weight module. It's main purpose is to allow you to have the weight of nodes randomly updated at set intervals.

Commerce eWAY

eWAY integration for the Drupal Commerce payment and checkout system.

Commerce eWAY Multi

Commerce eWAY Multi integrates with rules to allow you to easily send payments to different eWAY merchant accounts based on a condition.

Views Quicksand

Quicksand is a jQuery Plugin that provides a nice animation for filtering or reordering lists of content. For a preview of what the animation looks like, head over to the plugin developers homepage.

Commerce Barcode Scanner

Commerce Barcode Scanner integrates rules with the act of scanning a products barcode. Once a barcode has been scanned, the corresponding product and product display are loaded as context to the barcode scan event.

Commerce Vend

Commerce Vend provides an integration between Drupal Commerce and Vend.

Per User Block

This module adds back functionality that was removed from Drupal 8 to allow admins to give users the option to hide and show blocks from their user configuration page.

Lazy User Registration

The Lazy Registration module captures actions made by anonymous users and stores them against a temporary user account until they are ready to register.

Context Hide Toolbar

Creates a context reaction that allows you to hide the admin toolbar.

Image Style Lifestyle

This module provides an image style to detect whether an image is a lifestyle image or a render (no background). Useful when you have a product listing with a combination of lifestyle images and renders.

Commerce Stocked Default

This module has no UI, enable it to ensure that the default product shown to users on the add to cart form is an in-stock item. This is helpful for e-commerce stores with a large number of low stock product variants.

Views SwipeView

A views style plugin for the jQuery SwipeView library.

Drush Webform Health

Check the status of webforms using drush. The module currently supports the following commands: "drush webform-email-check". Check that all of the webforms on a website have email addresses associated with them. This command could be used to check a group of websites in bulk if needed: