Magento Development Perth

Stand out from the crowd with a commerce solution tailored to fit your needs

Enterprise e-commerce solution which has gained widespread adoption

Multi-Store Capabilities
Magento is known for it's powerful enterprise multi-store capabilities offering multiple shop fronts all powered by one Magento backend.
Feature Rich
Built as an e-commerce solution from the ground-up, Magento boasts a huge feature set including flexible pricing tiers and advanced tax handling.
Highly Customisable
Magento has a mature extensions architecture. Custom Magento extensions can be written or purchased to extend it's functionality.
Magento Training
We provide on-site Magento training to help you get the best out of your store. Magento stores can be complex and long term support is available.

Tell me more about Magento

Magento is an e-commerce platform that gained popularity in the mid 2000's. Its community has since grown to a vast number of developers who use and support the platform.

Magento is heavier and a more expensive platform to work with compared to other light-weight solutions such as Drupal Commerce, however Magento's adoption has helped large online retailers such as BenQ, Goodyear, Harvey Norman and OfficeMax who require the enterprise support and stability that Magento provides.

If you would like to discuss whether Magento is right for your e-commerce store or what alternatives might exist, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Magento Integrations

You've got an online store but you don't want to manage all your invoices, reconciling and reporting in Magento because you've already got applications in place to do this for you. No problem, we can integrate Magento with many external systems including:

  • Xero
  • QuickBooks
  • ebay
  • MYOB
  • Zoho
  • Amazon

Conversion Tracking

Building an e-commerce store is all about conversions. How can we convert the most users into active customers?

The good news is, there are lots of sophisticated tools out there today that can help to build detailed statistical reports on which areas of your website need to be optimised. All this information is collected transparently and is avaiable for viewing when you put the correct tools in place.

Magento Training

We will provide on-site Perth Magento training for you and your employees. In a couple of hours our Magento developers can quickly bring you up to speed on managing CMS pages, static blocks, catalog products and categories so you can be self sufficient in managing your Magento store.

We typically provide a couple of hours of training, included in the cost of building your website. To find out how we can help you, speak with one of our experienced Magento developers to find out more.